Options Price Add-ons

IMPORTANT UPDATE: price settings are replaced by the new Checkout Extensibility.

Price settings

The app supports two different settings to add dynamic product options price additions.

Draft orders

Cart Product

View the related articles below to learn more about the two different settings.

Price add-on line item

As Shopify does not allow editing prices of existing products, price add-ons always have to be listed as a separate line items.


On the order view, the add-on line items will require a manual fulfilment via "Fulfil item":

This process can be automated, by enabling the "Auto fulfil add-ons" setting:

Important:  the app needs additional permissions to allow auto fulfilment.

Reload the app (by visiting the orders page, then opening the app again). The app will ask to update the permission:

After the permissions are updated, the add-on line items will automatically be fulfilled on newly incoming orders:

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