Checkout Extensibility

Note: after completing the update, we recommend creating a test order to verify your setup.

The checkout extensibility is a new feature of Shopify that allows app's to extend the checkout functionality. To learn more, you can visit the Shopify documentation.

Our app provides new functionality to the checkout that supports dynamic price add-ons and updates the product prices during the checkout process.


The new checkout extensibility comes with the following improvements:

  • Faster price updates by executing the logic directly on Shopify.
  • Better multi currency integration during the checkout process.
  • Support for all discount types during checkout.
  • Seamless integration with all themes.
  • Order line items are updated in place.


In the App, navigate to the Settings page:

In the Checkout Settings section, enable the following setting:

Important: this setting requires new permissions for the app to access the checkout, the app will ask you to close the app, and re-open it to approve the permissions. Only after the permissions are accepted, you can enable the setting in the app:

Price modes

The checkout extensibility has two different price modes which enable the app to update the final product price based on the customer selected options:


The Update mode is the most straight forward way to update the product price during the checkout. The main product price is dynamically updated to include the selected options.

Note: updating the product image is not yet supported, this functionality will be available in an upcoming update.

Availability: Shopify Plus / Shopify development stores. (Checkout.liquid must be disabled) - (The plan limitation is set by the Shopify platform, not our app)


The Bundle price mode will create a bundle during checkout and set the total price of the bundle to be based on the product price + total options price.

The resulting order will have two line items, the base product and the product options product. If you've used our app with the previous price settings, this order structure should be very familiar.

Shopify now does support creating a bundle with just a singe product, so the Product option Product is optional and can be disabled if desired. The checkout UI will however still show the nesting of the same product, which is not the best customer experience:

Our recommendation is to enable the add-on product to be included in the bundle.

Note: updating the product image is not yet supported, this functionality will be available in an upcoming update.

Availability: All Shopify plans.

Add-on product

The setting includes the Product options product in the bundle:

Auto fulfill

The app can automatically mark the Product options product as fulfilled when an order is created (no customer notification is sent). This can improve the order processing if you are using external fulfillment providers that only mark the main product as fulfilled:

Weight calculation

Important: if you've previously used the custom weight calculation feature to filter the available shipping rates, then you need to update your configuration in the following ways:

  1. Remove the weight conditions from your shipping rates in Shopify:

  2. Enable delivery conditions in the app:

  3. Configure the weight conditions for the specific rates in the app:

The new delivery conditions are executed during the checkout process and allow more flexibility on filtering shipping rates. For example, it is now possible to filter rates based on a combination of weight and the cart total:

If you need more conditions to filter shipping rates, please reach out via support and we will consider adding it to the app.

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