Image library

The following video gives you an overview of how you can setup your own image library:

You can add new option and select the Image library type:


The library option is configured using categories which then can be linked to lists of images.


Lists contain a list of option values. Each option value has an image and a description (value). Each list represents a category of images in the library.

You can create new Lists on the App > Assets > List tab:

To bulk upload list values visit: How can I bulk upload options?


The fastest way to create a new List based on a collection of image files is to create a Folder in the Assets tab:

Navigate into the folder:

Then upload all your images and create a list from the folder:


The image library adds a search box above the categories, the search query will be executed over all the categories:

Live preview

To show the selected image on the live preview, you can create a layer of type Upload and connect it to the Image Library option:

Select the Image Library option:

Now the selected image should show be displayed on the live preview.

Live crop

If you want to let customers to crop parts of the selected image, you can enable the live crop setting:

To learn more about the Live crop please visit: How can I allow customer to crop image uploads?


If you want to let customer edit the selected image using the Upload-Lift app and it's image editor, then you can connect the library option to an option of type Upload-Lift in the Advanced tab:

Note: if you also want to show the cropped image on the live preview, make sure to connect to the Upload-Lift option instead of the Library option.

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