How can I bulk upload options?

To upload options in bulk, navigate to the the Assets tab:

List setup

Create a new list:

Select the type of values you want to add to the list:  (this affects the columns)

Click on "Add value" to add a new entry:

Fill in a single value to get an example row for use in the export/import below:


Click on "Export" to download the option lists as a CSV file:

Google Sheets

You can open the CSV with your preferred editor, in this example we are using Google sheets.  Upload the export to your Google Drive folder and open it with Google Sheets:

You can edit the values and add as many rows as you need:

To import the file again in the app, you have to download it as CSV file: 


Click on "Import" to upload the CSV file:

The app tries to update existing values and adds new values if they are not found:

Reference media

If you want to reference media in the CSV, you have to upload the media files  before importing the option list.

On the img column in the export, you have to reference the media by it's filename:

The filename must match with the name from the uploaded media:

Use in config

On the product option configuration, you can link a previously created option list: 

When the option list is updated, all the product option configurations that are linked to it will be updated as well. 

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