How can I save an original print file of the live preview?

On the product options configuration page, enable the live preview and enter the dimensions you want the original print file to be saved as:

Save original

Enable the "Save preview" setting.  Check the "Original" setting to save the live preview with the full dimensions. In this case 1200x1200:

Now when a customer is adding a product to cart, to app will save the original live preview image in full resolution on the cart item. 

Original dimensions

Large preview dimensions (e.g 4000x4000) require longer to render the preview and also require more memory in the customers browser. This can cause issues on mobile devices that do not have enough free memory to render and save the original file with the order.  

For this reason it is recommended to keep the preview dimensions in a range of 1000px - 2500px to speed up the rendering and improve the mobile experience.

Export Extension

To support creating larger exports we've developed an extension that allows creating the original export on our servers instead of the customers browser, to learn more visit our documentation about: Export.

Download original

When you've received an order for this product configuration, you can see a link named "_original" on the product item:

You can also export the order trough the app which will include all the product options and the original preview images:

Hide layer on original

Let's say you want to exclude the product image from the final print file, you can mark the layer as "hidden" on the original file:

Crop original

If your print file only requires a part of the live preview, you can define a crop box for the original file to be cropped to only include a specific part:

You can enter the crop box dimensions or drag the box on the preview:

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