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To enable the Export extension please visit: How can I add an Extension?

How does the extension work?

The export extension uses a new mechanism to upload a text based representation of the live preview to the server, this upload is very small and does not require much memory on the users browser.

When an order is created, the app will use the text file and generate the preview files in the desired sizes and format. In this way it is possible to create larger preview exports without negatively affecting the add to cart experience. 


After the extension is enabled on your subscription, you will see a new section on the Live preview config in the product options:

You can add a new export via the button:

The field name will control where the export link will be stored on the order item:

In general, it is recommended to include a "_" at the beginning of the field name, this hides the link from the customer. 

Export format

The export format can be configured using the dropdown.  You can also create multiple exports in different formats:

Note: The png.pdf format is first creating a png image and then putting it inside the pdf, this is only needed for special cases where the vector based pdf preview is not suitable.  

Export size

The width/height settings can be used to create a larger/smaller export.  If the dimensions are empty, the app will take them from the live preview config:

In most cases, it would be needed to create a larger export than the original live preview size.  If only one dimension is provided, the app will calculate the other side in the ratio of the live preview:

Note: the maximal pixel size dimension 4000x

Export size unit

The app support providing the desired export size using a different unit than pixels:

The app uses the target DPI to calculate the required output dimensions for the export file:

Crop export

You can optionally define a crop area on the live preview for the export to only include this specific area:

The live preview will show a box that can be visually adjusted to the desired area. 

Hide layer on export

If you want to exclude a layer from the exported file, you can mark the layer as "hidden" on the original file:

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