Fix upload not saved (sticky cart)

If your theme has a sticky cart button which does not save the upload links when adding to the cart, follow the steps below to fix the setup. 

Note: if you are using our other app Live Product Options in combination with Upload-Lift, please use the guide here: Fix theme options not saved (sticky cart)

Sticky button

Sticky add to cart buttons at the bottom of the page on most themes only add the product variant to the cart, this completely skips all the uploaded file links.

Add to cart fix

To make sure the upload links are saved, we can apply a hint for the app to forward a click on the sticky add to cart button to the main add to cart button:

On your theme, find the location of the sticky "Add to cart" button, find a wrapper DIV or add a new element around the button and add the attribute data-upload-lift-sticky to the element:

<div data-upload-lift-sticky="input.AddtoCart.add"> 
	<button type="submit" name="add">Add to cart</button> 

The value of the data-upload-lift-sticky="<value>" attribute has to contain a valid CSS selector to the main add to cart button. On the example above we can see classes used on the main button:

The app will then capture the click on the sticky button and forward it to the button that matches this selector. This should make sure that the upload links are always saved. 

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