Fix theme options not saved (sticky cart)

If the options are not saved when adding to the cart, follow the steps below to fix the setup. 

Note:  first make sure that the options are actually not saved. Try the checkout to see if the options are visible there:

If you can see the options on the checkout but not on the cart, your theme might simply not show them, in this case you can visit the following guide: Options on cart page

If the options are not listed on the checkout, the setup is not working as intended.  This can be due to two reasons:

Sticky Cart 

Sticky add to cart buttons at the bottom of the page on most themes only add the product variant to the cart, this completely skips all the custom options entered on the product page.

Theme does not support saving options

A very small percentage of themes to not support saving custom line item properties.

This is a standard feature of shopify, most professional theme will support this out of the box.

Add to cart fix

To make sure all custom options are saved in all cases, the app can use its own add to cart logic when an add to cart button is clicked.

On your theme, find the location of the specific "Add to cart" button, find a wrapper DIV or add a new element around the button and add the attribute data-live-cart-add to the element:

<div data-live-cart-add>
 <button type="submit" name="add">Add to cart</button>

The app will then look for this attribute and use it's own add to cart logic.  

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