App Extensions (options)

App extensions are separate add-ons that extend the functionality of the Live Product Options app.

How can I add an Extension?

You can add/remove any extension on the  Plans tab in the app:

In the  Extensions section you can see your current active extensions.  Adding an extension will add it's price to your monthly subscription. 

You can add/remove extensions at any time during the month. 

Why are app extensions charged additionally?

With separate extension add-ons we make them available for every plan. This allows you to start with a lower monthly price than if they were only included in the larger PRO or UNLIMITED plans. 

Why are app extensions not free?

App extensions are charged additionally from the normal subscription price because they also create additional costs for us providing the service.

For example the Export extension requires our servers to process each exported preview file which requires us to run more servers.

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