How can I add a weight on an option?

If you want to add weights to options in order to calculate different shipping rates, follow the steps below.

Draft Order

This feature is only available for the Draft order price setting (which is the default Price setting).

In the app, navigate to the Settings tab, in the Price setting section, make sure "Use draft orders" is enabled, check the setting "Calculate weights":

Options weights

On each of the options values, you should see an additional column for entering a weight value:

The app will calculate the total weight of all selected options, the total weight will then be used on the checkout when you have different shipping rates with weight ranges configured. 

Show on product page

If you want to show the current total weight of the product including all the selected options, then you can add a custom element on your theme with the following attribute:

<p data-live-weight="{{ }}"></p>

Weight unit

The default unit is kg, you can provide one of the following unit attributes to control the format:

<p data-live-weight="{{ }}" data-live-weight-unit="kg"></p>

<p data-live-weight="{{ }}" data-live-weight-unit="g"></p>

<p data-live-weight="{{ }}" data-live-weight-unit="lb"></p>

<p data-live-weight="{{ }}" data-live-weight-unit="oz"></p>

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