Enable extension

To enable the Convert extension please visit: How can I add an Extension?


After the extension is enabled on your subscription, you can configure it on each individual upload field:

A new Section for the Convert extension will be available.  You can enable it on your upload field:

File types

You can select which file types you want to convert to image after the file was uploaded.

If you want to convert a different file type that is not available yet, please reach out to use via the support button in the app. 

Source field

The app will save the unconverted file link in addition to the converted upload link. If you want to hide this link form the customer you can prefix the field name with "_". 

Allowed file types

IMPORTANT: If your upload field only allowed image file types, make sure to add the new converted file types as well:

Extract file info

If you just want to exact and validate document information, in most cases it is recommended to not also convert the files.  

Make sure to remove all the file types from the convert setting:

You can also let the app update the quantity based on the number of pages in a document.   You can try a live example here:  Upload Document pages

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