Asset Library

The asset library can be used to create media and option lists for reuse in multiple product options configurations. 


The Media tab lists all the media you have uploaded via the app. You can upload new media files here. The files can then be selected in your product option configurations.


You can use drag & drop or multi select to bulk upload files.


On the product option configuration, you can select a previously uploaded media by clicking on the image icon:

After you've selected an image it will show a preview on the option.  To change it, you can just click on the image. 


All uploaded media files will be synced to your Shopify store. You can view the files by navigating to

Important: avoid deleting file uploads in the Files settings section. If you want to delete a file, you should delete it inside the App on the Media tab. The app will then remove it from your store as well. 


Media can be organized into Folders:

Existing files can be moved into a Folder using multiple selection:


Option lists can be used for centralized management of all available options. A list can be re-used across multiple product options configurations.


It is possible to export and import options via CSV files, to learn more visit: How can I bulk upload options?


On the product option configuration, you can link a previously created option list: 

When the option list is updated, all the product option configurations that are linked to it will be updated as well. 

Save existing options as list

You can also convert existing option values to an option list for re-use in multiple configurations:


You can also create a new option list based on a folder in the Media tab:

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