How can I add an additional product for an option?

To add an additional product to the cart whenever a specific option value is selected follow the steps below.

In the product options config, on the option value, click on the " plus" sign:

Choose the product:

You can also increase the quantity if needed:

Removing the product

The plus sign will be highlighted in green if a product is linked to this option value. To remove a linked product, you have to remove it from the config:

Quantity from main product

You can check this setting to add the same quantity to the cart as the the main product:

In the example below, the linked product would be added with quantity set to 3.

Once per order

The only add a product once per order, you can check the following setting:

The app checks the cart when the product options are displayed, if the product is already in the cart, it's quantity is set to 0, so that it's not added again when the main product is added to the cart.

Quantity input

To let the customer input a custom quantity for a linked product, you can use the Checkbox option type:

And check the following setting when linking a product:

Inventory stock check

If your linked product can be out of stock, you can enable the following setting to let the app check the stock and automatically disable an option when the linked product is out of stock:

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