Discount form

To setup the discount form in the app visit the following help documentation:  How can I show a discount form on the cart page?


When the discount form setting is enabled, the app will try to automatically add a discount form above the Subtotal element.


If the automatic location is not ideal on your theme, then you can use the following selector to provide the manual location of the discount form:

Selector Example
[data-live-discount] data-live-discount=""

In your theme, find the cart liquid and add a div at your desired location:

<div data-live-discount=""></div>

How it works


The app will check if the entered discount code exists on your store:


If the discount is valid, it will be shown below the Discount form:

The cart total is not updated on the cart page.  The discount will be applied when the user is checking out. 


The discount form supports reading a discount that was added via a link using the standard Shopify discount link url format: <code>


Draft orders

If you are using product options with price add-ons and have the app setup to use Draft orders, then you might have noticed that the checkout does not show a discount input form on the checkout:

If you allow customers to add a discount on the cart page, then the app will detect the discount and apply it on the draft order:

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