How can I allow customers to change the location of text on the live preview?

You can setup the live preview to allow your customers to visually drag the location of a text layer as shown below:

Layer setup

On the live preview layer, open the "Advanced" tab:


Set the location to "Interactive":

Advanced settings

The interactive location setting can be combined with the other advanced settings.

Position: Automatic/Manual.  The position is updated if the customer has not yet modified the location. 

Scale:  Automatic = always scales the font to fit the defined area (disable "Scale up" for use with text-editor).  Manual = font size is fixed or changed via the text-editor.  

Area: Full/Box . Defines the area where the layer can be moved around. 

Restrict dimensions

You can combine the Area=Box setting with the Location=Interactive setting:

With this setup, the text cannot be moved outside of the defined area:


Close the layer to test the interactivity inside the app: 

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