Data Privacy

If you are serving customers in regions that are protected under privacy laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California privacy laws)
you can use the following information to update your privacy policy accordingly. 

The Upload-Lift app does not store any information about your customers. 
The only data that is stored is the actual uploaded files and if the file was used in an order, the order number is additionally stored on the file record.

The uploaded files themselves can be categorised as personal identifiable information. In this case it is advised to first get consent of your privacy policy from your customers before they are uploading files.

This is not legal advice, we recommend to reach out to a professional lawyer to make sure that you comply with the privacy laws from your region.

File Uploads

Uploaded files are stored for 30 days and are automatically deleted afterwards.

Dats storage location

All file uploads are stored on Google Cloud storage in the us-west datacenter region.

Archived Files

All files that were archived will be stored until explicitly deleted. 

If the file was used in an order, the order number is additionally stored on the file record.

Storage deletion

If a customer requests the deletion of all his/hers data. You can search for all the orders that the customer has placed on your store and delete the folders individually. Searching by customer name is not supported as the app does not store this information.

Note: after a file is deleted inside the app, it is stored for seven more days to prevent accidental deletion. If you need a file to be removed immediately, please reach out via the support button in the app. 


If a customer requests an export of all his/hers data. You can use the same search and download all the order data from the archive. 

Storage retention

To reduce the amount of time data is stored in the archive, you can configure a custom Storage retention setting. 

Enable the "Storage retention" setting, and configure the number of days that the archived files are stored for. 

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