How can I configure settings for specific product variants?

If your product requires different upload settings depending on the selected variant you can setup custom variant settings.


  • Make the upload required only for a specific variant.
  • Configure different file count min/max settings for specific variants.
  • Hide the upload for specific variants.
  • Show the upload only for specific variants (in this case set the upload to "hidden" in the Info section and show it only on specific variants)
  • NEW: custom image settings based on the selected variant

Product targeting setup

To add a variant config for a product, you first have to add the product in the Display settings.

Variant settings

Enable the variant settings toggle, next select the product to configure custom variant settings for. Click on "Add variant settings"

Select the variants that require a custom config. You can select multiple variants if they require the same settings.  

In this example we have setup three different variant configs. 

"single" only allows a single file upload.
"double" requires that two files are uploaded.
"hidden" which does not require any uploads and hides the upload field.

Variants that do not have a specific config will use the default config from the upload field.

Image settings

The new version of the Upload-Lift app supports custom image settings depending on the selected variant. 

The app will update the config and validate all previously uploaded files again to make sure they are still valid based on the updated image settings.

If the image ratio does not match and the file reference is still available, the image editor will be opened automatically to crop the image to fit the updated crop ratios. 

You can view a live example of this config on the demo store:

Quick tip: If the image ratio can be either landscape or portrait, add both variations in the allowed ratios, the image editor will then automatically pre select the best matching one. 

If you need further assistance, please send us a request and we will be happy to help you out. 

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