How can I configure the discount summary ?

Cart discount summary

By default the app will automatically add a discount summary on the cart page which contains the following elements:

  • Subtotal
  • Discount line items
  • New total with discount deducted


On the Settings tab inside the app you can configure the discount summary.

Show/Hide discount summary

If the summary is not placed correctly you can temporarily disable it and reach out to us via the Support button in the app. 

Or you can overwrite the cart summary location as describe below. 

Summary position

Most themes have the cart layout total positioned on the bottom right. If this does not fit your theme you can change the position. 

On mobile, the summary is centered automatically.

Discount color

You can configure the color of the discount line items. 

Cart summary location

By default the app tries to find the best location which should be somewhere below the Subtotal. 

You can manually overwrite the location by placing the following HTML code in your cart-template.liquid file:

<div data-cart-summary></div>

The app will look for the [data-cart-summary] selector and show the summary at this location. 

Cart subtotal location

By default the app will automatically find the subtotal.  But you can also overwrite the location by adding the  data-cart-subtotal attribute to the sub-total element of your theme.  

<span class="cart-subtotal__price" data-cart-subtotal>{{ cart.total_price | money_with_currency }}</span>

Cart total location

By default the app will automatically add the new total element at the end of the summary.  But you can also overwrite the location by adding the  data-cart-total-discount attribute to any element of your theme.  

<div class="cl-summary-total" data-cart-total-discount></div>

Or if you only want to show the new total and overwrite the sub total you can add the  data-cart-total-discount attribute to the sub-total element of your theme.  

<span data-cart-total-discount>{{ cart.total_price | money_with_currency }}</span>

Summary template

It is also possible to fully customzie the cart summary template, please view the related article below to learn more. 

If you need further assistance, please send us a request and we will be happy to help you out. 

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