Display Link to file in cart


The app automatically converts links it finds on the page to be clickable links.

If you want to show a different text on the link you can overwrite by providing a custom translation value

    window.clTranslate = {
  	"upload.config.file.link": "🔗"


If you want to have full control over how the link is displayed and avoid the flickering of the full link text you can use a manual setup by following the instructions below.

Open the Shopify Admin theme editor, navigate to  Online Store > Themes,  [More actions] > Edit Code.

in your cart-template.liquid file you will find a peace of code that loops over the cart items properties, look for something like:
{%- for p in item.properties -%}<br>
in this case " p" holds a cart item property.
you can than decide how to display each cart item property, to show a link for all the files uploaded from this app add the following condition:
{%- if p.last contains 'cloudlift.app' -%}  
  <a href="{{ p.last }}" target="_blank">Link</a>
{%- else -%}

If you need further assistance, please send us a request and we will be happy to help you out.

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