Display Link to file in cart

If you want to display a link to the uploaded file instead of the full file url on your cart page follow the instructions below.

This can be done in the Shopify Admin theme editor, navigate to Online Store > Themes,  [More actions] > Edit Code.

in your cart-template.liquid file you will find a peace of code that loops over the cart items, look for something like:
{%- for p in item.properties -%}
in this case " p" holds a cart item property.
you can than decide how to display each cart item property, to show a link for all the files uploaded from this app add the following condition:
{%- if p.last contains 'cloudlift.app' -%}  
  <a href="{{ p.last }}" target="_blank">Link</a>
{%- else -%}

If you need further assistance, please send us a request and we will be happy to help you out.

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