How can I change the width and height of the upload?

The upload field always fits itself in the parent element.


To change the width of the upload field you can reduce the size of the element where the upload widget is displayed.

If you use a custom div container, just add a max-width style to it:

<div class="upload-lift" style="max-width:300px;"></div><br>


The height will always have a minimum height of around 70px to fit at least a single file without scrolling.
If you allow multiple file uploads, you can control the max height indirectly by restricting the max number of files allowed. 
If you really want to restrict the max height of the upload widget, you can add a custom css rule to restrict the height and show a scroll bar inside the upload widget:
.upload-lift .filepond--root {
   height: 100%;
   max-height: 140px;
<div class="upload-lift"></div>

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