How can I include Line item properties in the order export?

The order sheet export can include any field that is available on the Shopify order object. 

Follow the steps below if you want to include custom Line item properties in the order export.

In the Order columns section, search for "property":

Line Item Property Value (Custom)

To create a custom column for a specific line item property, select the (Custom) column from the dropdown, click on the "Add" button to add the column to the export list:

On the column, you can select the property name from the dropdown. The app will show the line item properties from to current preview order.  If you cannot find the line item property name, try entering a different order number in the preview section:

The order sheet preview should now show the line item property in it's own column:

Line Item Property 1-6

If you have lots of different line item properties on your orders, you can also add up to six fixed line item property columns:

For each property you can add a name and value column:

All Line Item Properties (JSON)

You can also add a single column that will contain all line item properties, search for "properties":

The single column will contain all the line item properties in the JSON format:

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