Upload Field Block in Theme Editor

New shopify themes that support Online Store 2.0 allow you to use app blocks to customize the location where the upload field is shown on the product page. 

App blocks supported

In the app, navigate to the "Settings" tab.  Check if app blocks are supported on your theme:

Adding an app block

In the app, edit or create an Upload Field config:

Product form

App blocks are currently only available on the "Product" form. You can add a block on the product page or as a featured product on the homepage.

Display settings

In the "Display settings" section, make sure that the Upload location is set to Automatic. If your theme supports app blocks, you will see the "+ Add upload block" button, click on it to open the theme editor:

Theme editor

In the theme editor, make sure the product page is selected and the preview product is a product that has an upload field configured. If that's not the case, select your desired product via the "Change" link:

In the Product section, click on "Add block":

In the "Apps" section, you can find the "Upload-Lift Field" block type:

When you've added the block, you can drag it onto your desired location.
In our case we've placed it between the variant picker and quantity selector:

The theme editor should reload and the upload field should appear at the new location:

Multiple app blocks

In most cases the block settings can be left as is.  If you want to use multiple blocks on single page, you can provide a unique Field name: 

Make sure to save the theme editor.  You can then connect the field in the upload app to a specific block by matching it's name:

Home page support

The app block can only be used inside a "Featured product".  At the time of writing this guide, the "Dawn" theme does not support app blocks in the Featured product section.

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