Online Store 2.0

The new online store 2.0 from Shopify now supports enabling the app directly in the theme editor. 

You can read about the new theme editor on the: Shopify Docs

Enable app in theme editor

In the app, navigate to the "Settings" page.  Select the theme where you want to enable the app:

The theme editor should open in a new window. The app will be enabled automatically on the right hand side under Theme settings > App embeds.   Make sure to save the theme in the editor:

Navigate back into the App. Click on the "reload" button to let the app verify that the app was enabled in your theme:

The "App enabled" should now have a green checkmark:  

Side note:  "App blocks supported" can still show a red icon as not all themes support them. The app can still be used without this feature.  

App showing twice

When the app is installed, a script tag is registered on your shopify themes (the script is not visible in the theme code itself - Shopify adds it when the page is loading). 

This can temporarily cause the app to load twice, once via the theme editor and once via script tag:

Follow the steps below on how this can be fixed:

Automatic script remove

The app automatically removes the script tag when the "App enabled" check was successful.  It can take up to 2 minutes for the Shopify store to remove the script tag.

Manual script remove

If you previously had manually installed the app via a script tag in your theme code, you can now remove the script to only load the app once. 

Side note: If you had added a script tag to improve the loading speed of the app, the app speed loaded via the theme editor is as fast as loaded via a script tag. 

App Blocks supported

The app checks if your selected theme supports App Blocks:

You can check our guide on how you can use an app block in your theme: Product options block in theme editor

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