How can I translate product options?

The app does support multi language product configurations, you can store your own translations in the app and reference them in your configurations.

Translation setup

In the app, navigate to the "Settings" tab. In the "Language settings" section, click on "Edit translations":

Here you can add your own translations. Each translation entry requires a unique key that can be referenced in the option config:

You can change the language and enter all the texts for your translations:

Config setup

On your option config you can then use the key defined in the translation. 
The key has to be prefix with a "#", this tells the app to replace it with the translated text. 

It's is recommended to keep the option name in your main language (Mainly to simplify your order processing). However the app supports using translated option names:

You can reference translation keys in all text fields.  If the translated key has additional text around it, make sure to wrap it in curly brackets, e.g:  #{text

It is recommended to refer to translation keys in the "Text" field of the option values and to leave the option value in the main language:

If you want to fully translate the selected option values, you can also refer to translation keys in the "Value" field:

If you are using translation keys inside the "Value" field, you have to make sure to update your conditions to refer to the updated option values:

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