Order confirmation email (upload)

If you want to show the uploaded files on the order confirmation email, follow the steps below.

The app saves the uploaded files as links on the order line item properties.   You can edit your order confirmation email tempalte to show the uploaded files. 


In the Shopify Admin, click on settings in the bottom left corner:

Select "Notifications": 

Select "Order confirmation":

Line items

Inside the template, look for the following line item code:

All of the following examples have to be added below this line: (at the desired location inside the table cell)

{% for line in subtotal_line_items %}

Link to Download

To show a download link of the uploaded file you can use the following code:

{% if line.properties['upload'] %}

<span class="order-list__item-variant"><a href="{{ line.properties['upload'] }}" target="_blank">Download</a></span><br/>

{% endif %}

Make sure to replace the "upload" property name with the field name you've configured in the app:

Multiple uploads

If you have set your upload field to allow multiple uploads, then the file links are stored with the number next to it, eg. "upload_1", "upload_2".  

To list all the files in the template you can use the following code:

{% for p in line.properties %}

{% unless p.last == blank %}

{%- if p.last contains 'cloudlift.app' -%}

<span class="order-list__item-variant"><a href="{{ p.last }}" target="_blank">Download</a></span><br/>

{%- endif -%}

{% endunless %}

{% endfor %}

Thumbnail image

If you have enabled the thumbnail image as described in:  Display thumbnail image in cart

Then you can show the uploaded image thumbnail using the following code:

{% if line.properties['thumbnail'] %}

<span class="order-list__item-variant"><img src="{{ line.properties['thumbnail'] }}" width="100" /></span><br/>

{% endif %}

Product image

If you want to replace the product image with the uploaded image, you can use the following code:

{% if line.properties['thumbnail'] %}

<img src="{{ line.properties['thumbnail'] }}" align="left" width="60" height="60" class="order-list__product-image">

{% elsif line.image %}

<img src="{{ line | img_url: 'compact_cropped' }}" align="left" width="60" height="60" class="order-list__product-image"/>

{% endif %}

Full template example

You can download the full tempalte with all the modifications:  order-confirmation.liquid

Order Printer - Packing slip

To include the upload on the Order Printer app, you can add the following check  or p.last contains "cloudlift.app"  to the existing template code:

{% if p.last contains "cdn.shopify.com" or p.last contains "/uploads/" or p.last contains ".png?" or p.last contains ".jpg?" or p.last contains "//uploadery.s3" or p.last contains "cloudlift.app" %}

<p class="line-item-property">{{ p.first }}:<br></p>

<a href="{{ p.last }}" target="_blank"><img src="{{ p.last }}" alt="{{ p.first }}" width="60" border="0" style="width: 60px; height: auto !important;"></a>

{% else %}

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