How can I setup variant options?

If you want to replace the variant options from your theme with options from the app, follow the setup steps below.


Default theme options:

Variant options from the app:


Select the product for which you want to set up the variant options:

Enable the "Variant options" setting.  The app will then automatically add the variant options (All variant options are highlighted in green):

Option types

Next, you can select an option and to update the settings. You can change the option display type:

Option values cannot be edited because they are setup based on the Shopify product variants. 
You can however change the text shown on the options:

If you select the Color swatches option type, you can choose the color to be shown on the option value:

If you select the Image swatches option type, you can upload an image for every option value:

Additional settings

In the "Advanced" tab, you can find some of the same settings that are available to the other options:

For a more detailed theme integration guide, visit the linked article below.

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